Review: Moleskine Pocket Planner

The Moleskine Pocket Planner is one of the many things I carry around with me everyday.  This little book has a lot of features and makes it very easy to stay organized.


It is the same height as my phone and about 1/3 wider, the exact measurements are 3.5 x 5.5 (inches) or 9 x 14 (cm).  This small book is usually in my back pocket, so when any teacher asks if I’m free for a day I can do a quick check.

Although this is a Calendar / Planner it has a lot of extra features.

There is a map of the world showing all the time zones (left), it even has flight times between most major cities (middle left). There is even a page for measurement conversions(middle right), including temperature and speed (bottom). One of the pages is even a 13 cm ruler (right)!

The notebook even comes with a few small pages of stickers that are colour coded for pleasure, business, school and things like that.  I didn’t include a picture of them, because I haven’t found a need for them… they could be useful if you like that type of thing.

As for the actual planning portions of the Calendar/Planner, there are three different variations.


The top left is a quick listing of the days of the year, I use this section as an ‘at a glance’ view of the days I’ve worked.  You can see my tally system above the months, this makes it very easy to quickly see how many worked, non-worked and non-school days are in each week/month.

On the top right there is a line for each day of the month, weeks are divided by bold lines.  Here, I just put in the name of the school for that day. This gives me a bit more information over the previous method, and shows a lot of days on a single page.

The bottom left is the typical calendar view. Monday – Thursday are on the left page and Friday-Sunday are on the right, with the fourth block being a small notes section for the week. This is the main section you would use to collect all the info for a job. I usually write the school, teacher, grade and then the job number (always keep the job number), if the job is half day I also make a note of that.

Another great feature is the pocket at the back of each planner, as you can see on the bottom right. I have a bunch of business cards in there, so I always have them on me!

Something else that really comes in handy is that after every month of the ‘calendar view’ (bottom left) there are 5 lined pages for you to write notes on.  Also, after the last month there is a bigger section of lined pages, maybe 50 or so, for any other notes.  So, technically, you could use this as a planner and a notebook.

If you need a planner, for anything, you should really consider this one


UPDATE: Just to clarify, this is the pocket edition/size. If you think it is too small it does come in Large (5 x 8 1/2 inches) and Extra Large (7 1/2 x 10 inches).


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