Resource: Class Report

I mentioned this in the My Bag post, but something that an OT should always leave for the classroom teacher is some sort of Class Report.

There are all kinds of ways to do this. I went through dozens of examples and combined all of the best parts to make my own form.

Here is what I leave for every teacher:


This form allows me to leave the classroom teacher all the information they need to know the for when they return. The sections may seem small, but I write very small so there isn’t a problem.

Also, if there is a break at the end of the day, or a subject that should be straight forward (like gym or art) after recess,I sometimes go to the school library and fill in the form on a computer.  That is where the USB from My Bag comes in handy!

If you want to use this Class Report, or change it to make your own you can find it here.

*UPDATE* Something that I forgot to mention is, as you can see, I put my contact information on the top of the sheet.  I also leave a business card, but the information at the top of the sheet means that it is one more chance for the teacher to see it, and remind them of the quality of work that you provide.






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