Resource: Romeo & Juliet Character Tree

Here is something that I put together for one of the English classes I was teaching during my second practicum. The class was using a graphic novel in their approach to Romeo & Juliet. A lot of the students had issues remembering who the characters were, and how they were related.  So I made a Character Tree using the portraits of all of the main characters.

Keep in mind that this tree was made using the information from the specific graphic novel, No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet

RJ Cover


The front of the book had images of the characters and a brief description, but the students would not flip to these pages if they needed assistance… it was too much work! So, I decided to make the Romeo & Juliet Character Tree as a reading companion.

Here it is:
R&J Characters

I found this resource/tool very helpful because the characters on the sheet were the exact ones in the source material. The students had a much easier time identifying the various characters, and their relationships, through the use of the Character Tree.

Again, keep in mind that this was based on this specific graphic novel, and that other portrayals of the characters may be different.  If you are using the No Fears version of Romeo & Juliet then this will fit right in, if you want to use it with any other version GO FOR IT!

DOWNLOAD: Romeo & Juliet Character Tree




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