Resource: Novel Study Bookmarks

Here is a simple way to help your students keep a lot of information with them at all times while reading their novels.  Print out a double-sided paper with some quick guides for them, make it just big enough to fit into the book itself. Now you have the perfect book mark, it will help the student remember their current place in the book and also everything they have read in the past.

Here is an example I used for To Kill A Mockingbird :

TKMB Bookmark



As you can see I added a few points for each character, but the students had to do the rest.  Although the themes/topics are blank in the picture we discussed them as a class (this was given to the students after reading the first 10 chapters) and jotted down a few for each.

The students always had these bookmarks in the books.  Some of the students even went beyond my idea and made a ‘bookmark book’ once they filled out the small sheet.  The students cut blank paper to match the original book mark and stapled them to the original, they added all additional notes to the papers.

Try it out!
*there is no download link for this resource because you would need to make your own for each book*



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