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Evernote, the ‘remember everything‘ app, is one of the most incredible tools you can use in the modern world. There are many apps in the Evernote ‘trunk’ (family) but the main Evernote app is the only one you really need.

Evernote markets itself as a digital filing cabinet for your everyday life, and it is exactly that. Absolutely anything that you can think of can be saved to Evernote, and accessed at anytime. You can send an entire website, a website link, pictures, voice memos, brief notes, to-do lists and MUCH more to Evernote.

Take a look at this great introduction video:



The first thing that you need to know is that Evernote is only as good as the people that use it… the more you use it the better it becomes. The fact that almost everything you add to Evernote becomes searchable means that the more you include in your ‘digital filing cabinet‘ the more robust the app becomes.

*** Sign-up for Evernote here, before we move on! ***

Now that you have an account you should download the desktop client (we will be discussing the Windows version) and the app for either iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10.  You can technically use the web client on your desktop, but you get a much better experience if you use the desktop client.

Here is what the various clients look like:

Evernote Web (using Google Chrome on a Windows PC)

This is a fully featured client, and you can see how simple it is to use

Evernote Desktop Client (Windows)



There may not seem like that much of a difference between the two, at least visually. The main difference is through the backend, which saves copies of all of your notes to your computer so that you can access them much easier.  The desktop client will also sync your notes in real time (if you have it running).   The editing options on the Desktop client also seem to work a bit better for some reason.

Evernote Android App


This is what the Android app (phones) looks like.  It is very sleek and the original view does a great job of showing the last few notes. You can change this view (top left) to a couple of different options, to see which one you like best. The note editor is shown with the keyboard (top right) and without (bottom left)… just remember that this is an Android app running on my BlackBerry Z10 (YES! BB10 can run Android apps!) so the keyboard is the Z10 keyboard.  I like the simple User Interface (UI) and the space for text.  The bottom right of the image shows the ‘Menu’ for the Android app, which you get by swiping sideways from the article/note list.

Evernote BlackBerry 10 App 



As you can see the BlackBerry 10 app is pretty similar to the Android app, but there are a few differences.  First, the Article/Note list uses the entire width of the screen, I think that this give the first screen a much more sleek look/feel.  The most important difference though is that all of the features/options are on the bottom, meaning you can access them with your thumb while typing… you don’t have to move to the top of the screen to add image, voice notes or save the note.  If you use this app a lot you will realize how much time this saves you.

*TIP* If you do have a BB10 device Evernote is integrated with the ‘Remeber’ app.  If you have an Evernote account (which you should now!) you can access all of your notes from there, with limited function, and can easily create notes that will save to Evernote from there.

Ok, enough with the apps…lets USE them!


So now you have your Evernote Account and your app of choice (sorry that I don’t have an iOS app to show), what do you do next? Well… simply, you live your life. With only one change, there is now a way to remember everything, anywhere and anytime. 

If you need to record your shopping list… open up your Evernote app, start a ‘new note’ and quickly type it out.  It is now on all of your devices!

If you are surfing the web and come across an interesting article that you don’t have time to read then use the Evernote Web Clipper to clip it to your account. Just like your shopping list you can now access it on any device and anytime.

Do you want to keep certain documents all in one place, but always seem to lose some?  Scan the documents (or even better, request digital originals to begin with) and just save them in an Evernote notebook.  You can do this for Lesson Plans, Student Development or even your taxes.  The best part is, that almost all of the ‘notes’ can be edited and searched for at any time.  If you can’t remember which note your Romeo and Juliet Character Tree is in you can just search Romeo, or Character Tree… and now you have it!

You can also add ‘Reminders’ to your notes, so that you get notifications if bills, meetings, or deadlines are approaching.  Make a note for report cards, set the reminder, and you will be notified with enough time to search your notes for all the tidbits you need.

Pretty cool right?

It is, especially because you can even SHARE your notes with friends! You made the shopping list, but got caught up helping a student… share the note with your fill-in shopper, easy as that.

Teachers can use this app in all kinds of ways. You can create folders for each class, or student, and add all of the relevant assignments. You can add Lesson Plans with tags (which can be added easily) for the different Instructional Method or Strategy used, and when you search for that method later you can find all the examples you have used throughout the year.

Occasional Teachers can use the app to keep track of all the different schools, subjects and grades they have taught.  If you teach a Grade 8 Math lesson at a school you can tag Grade 8, Math, and the school name.  The next time you go into a Grade 8 class you can search for ‘Grade 8’ and all the Grade 8 lessons you’ve taught (if tagged) will show up.  If you haven’t been to a school in a while open up your Evernote app and search for the school name… all your notes on the school will pop right up!

This is just a very stripped down introduction to the app, but the Evernote Youtube Channel has A LOT of videos for you.

Some other really cool features that can enhance your Evernote experience:

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Moleskine Notebook

A GREAT review/walkthrough by Lifehacker

I will go into more detail about Evernote later, if there is a demand, but for now I think that is all you need to get started.  We will be posting a quick review/introduction to the Evernote Web Clipper and Evernote Moleskine Notebook later today!

If you still haven’t signed up for Evernote… DO IT!

Using Dropbox and Evernote together will make sure that you always have everything you need. Sign-up for Evernote and Dropbox and introduce your class to 21st Century Learning






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