Review: Evernote Moleskine Notebook

So with the Evernote Review/Introduction and Evernote Web Clipper posts there is only one more piece that you need to complete the Evernote Trifecta… the Evernote Moleskine Notebook.

If you don’t have an Evernote Account you need to sign-up for one!

I have bought a lot of these books. I am still working on filling my 1st one, but I just had to pull the trigger when I found this deal! $20 may seem like a lot for a notebook, but this one comes with 3 months of Evernote Premium for free. Evernote Premium gives you a few very key features that makes this already great service even better. You can go for a full year at $45 USD or $5 USD per month. So, the $20 high quality, hardcover, Moleskine Notebook doesn’t look that bad when you realize it comes with a $15 credit for the awesome Evernote Premium service.


*A regular Large sized Moleskine Notebook goes for $17.50 on , so you are essentially paying an additional $2.50 (plus tax) for $15 worth of Evernote Premium!



Each Notebook is Hardcover and has 240 pages of the high quality Moleskine Paper that the company is known for. You have two choices, Ruled or Squared/Grid and Pocket (small) or Large.  Each book also comes with a set of stickers, as you can see above, that are used to quickly/automatically tag and categorize your work.

I personally go with the Large Squared for two reasons. First the price difference between the two, with the Large costing $2 more on amazon and $6 more on the Moleskine Website.  The Large is just over twice as big as the Pocket, meaning you get a lot more writing space for around $5 more.  Second, I like the Square/Grid paper because it allows you to write your notes vertically and horizontally. Also, the Square/Grid books are full page, top to bottom lined, where the Ruled books skip two lines at the top and one at the bottom of the page.  So, again, I can get maximum writing space with the Square/Grid book.


The official video from Evernote does a great job at explaining how to use the notebook with the app, take a look:

*The camera function is now available on all apps!

The ability to quickly jot something down, or take detailed notes, and within seconds have the pages shared to all of your devices is something that teachers should really enjoy.

Although they advertise this notebook, and the newer journals, as ‘smart’ you can technically use the camera function in your mobile Evernote app with any paper. The only difference is that the dotted lining system used in the Evernote Moleskine books seems to work slightly better. If you don’t want to spring the $20 you don’t really have to. You can manually tag your pictures or notes from any notebook, or even whiteboard… but, if you are going all-in with Evernote then this is essential.  You are getting a top of the line notebook and 3 months of Evernote Premium for about $5 over the Premium service itself (as long as that $20 sale on lasts)!

* Remember, that all of the text from your notes becomes searchable once you upload it to Evernote, with your Evernote Premium account. This is an insanely valuable feature, and is often overlooked.  This means that, if you have a curriculum document, or any other large .pdf, you can upload it to Evernote and after a short scanning time you can search it.  So if you want to know about 21st Century Learning, but can’t remember which documents it was in, upload them and search it, with all your notes. This alone is worth the $20, or even $30 at full price, if you want to test out Evernote Premium for 3-months before paying the $45 for a year.

Sign-up for Evernote here, buy the notebook here, and remember everything!

*If you want the Pocket or Ruled versions make sure you search for those on amazon, the link is for the Large Square/Grid version which I prefer.

Using Dropbox and Evernote together will make sure that you always have everything you need. Sign-up for Evernote and Dropbox and introduce your class to 21st Century Learning





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