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So far this week we have focused on Technology that makes it easier for teachers to remember and save their various digital files.  Today we will be discussing Sesame IO which is a fantastic Unit/Lesson Planning Software that allows a great deal of flexibility, creativity and connectivity.

It may be a little difficult to understand the concept before you see it for yourself, so we are going to start with the official introduction video. This video is a bit fast, but don’t worry, we will be breaking it down.

So there you have it, a robust online system to help you keep track of absolutely everything.  Sesame IO has the potential to become your calendar, planner, assessment binder/folder, student progress log, curriculum checklist and MUCH MORE!

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I got in contact with Ian and Jarad, two of the Sesame IO team members when I first discovered the product because I thought it was amazing.  I did the best I could to give them my feedback and opinions, as much as I could as a teacher without a permanent classroom.  They are an amazing group of people, with an amazing product.  Let’s take a better look at Sesame IO!

Sesame IO is the perfect tool for a teacher that wants to go paperless, and increase the connectivity with students and parents.

With Sesame IO you can:

  • Create Class / Student Profiles
  • Visually Plan Units / Lessons
  • Manage Curriculum Expectations
  • Track Student Progression
  • Send Updates to Parents
  • Share Unit/Lesson Plans
  • Create Assessment Tools
  • Track Assessment

And MUCH More!

I played around with the program when I first discovered it, although I had no class or students to plan for.  Here is a very rough version of what a Unit will look like (I will show you a better one later).

As you can see it is a Grade 9 English Unit with only one Lesson and one Assessment, but you can get the idea.  If you click on the individual lesson it will open the Lesson View which gives you all the details that you have planned.  You can also see that there is a brief Student Comment that was made and some Curriculum Expectations at the top of the page.

The main draw, for me, is that Sesame IO makes it ridiculously simple to choose the Curriculum Expectations for your Unit/Lesson.  This amazing team has added all of the subjects for all of the grades, and all you have to do is click a few boxes… done!

Here is what the Assessment Tracking looks like for my one lesson unit:

It really is that simple!  You can see that, at the top, there are colour coded statuses for the expectations.  Grey, meaning that there is no planning, orange means the expectation is planned for but not yet assessed and green for a planned and assessed area of Curriculum Expectation.  You can even Create the rubrics and assessments right from the Sesame IO website.

If you have a better planned unit it may look something like this:

You can even colour code all of your subjects, or different classes, so that you can easily access them through the Monthly, Weekly or Daily calendar.

Here is how it looks when creating a Unit:

Did you see how easy it was to add the Curriculum Expectations!

Now that the unit is planned we need to add some lessons:

Remember that once you create the lesson you can share it with any teachers or parents that you wish. You can also edit the lesson at any time.

We have our Unit and Lesson, but we need some Assessment… how about a Rubric?

Did you see that! It does almost all of the work for you (but you should always read it over to make sure everything is correct).

That is a quick overview of Sesame IO.

If you are looking for a great new way to plan your lessons for next year, or the rest of this year, I would highly recommend Sesame IO.  The product is great and it is supported by an amazing group of people.

*Also, if you want the perfect way to take pictures, video and constant up-to-date student progress reports, which you can instantly share with parents, you should check out Sesame Snap.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section.



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