ARTICLE: Preparing for Setbacks and Failures


How to Prepare Your Kids to Deal Effectively With Setbacks and Failures

BY: Sumitha Bhandakar



This is another article in the series that was posted earlier about setting up a proper Mindset for our children/students.  This particular article shows us why it is important to allow our students to experience setbacks and failures.  Of course, we are not looking at instigating these experiences, but if they do happen it is important to approach them in an appropriate way.

“Your intentions are good. You want your child to learn. But at this time, what he needs is some compassion and someone who understands/supports him.”


All of our students will, at some time, experience various setbacks and failures, and it is important to make it clear to them that these situations happen to everyone.  The author gives us 5 examples of things we shouldn’t say during a setback or failure, describing why each is ineffective.  Although there is only one ‘positive’ response, and it may not be something I would personally say, I still think that this is a very valuable article.  Sometimes the best way to approach a situation is to know what we shouldn’t do/say and go from there.

In other words we want less of this:

“You are inadvertently teaching him to run away from a situation when things don’t work out the way he hoped for.”

and more of this:

“This response acknowledges your son’s efforts and hard work, empathizes with his current feelings, gently let’s him know that he’s not quite there yet while encouraging him to keep trying — all without propping him up on false hopes or harsh criticism.”

Like I said, the article does a great job of breaking down some of the ‘negative’ responses, it is a great read just for that alone.  Check out the full article and let us know what you think.





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