Teaching Language with LEGO :)

Our second LEGO post of the day!  See  Teaching Math with LEGO for some great ways to create engaging math lessons.


For this post we will be looking at using LEGO, or other blocks/bricks, to enhance Language Arts lessons.

Teaching Language Arts With LEGO

from Amy at Milk and Cookies.  FULL ARTICLE HERE

Like our LEGO Math post Amy is focusing on using the LEGO brings to supplement previous learning, and to create less of a learning curve for future learning.

 “Learning to spell probably ranks second, behind reading, as the most important language arts skill”


Amy’s basic premise, which I believe to be true, is that it is much more fun for our students to learn to spell when they are doing so with manipulatives.  Having younger students use lettered bricks to spell may be a way to encourage students who are not comfortable with their writing skills, or even just like to play with LEGO.  Amy shows two activities in her article, which are spelling words and putting words in alphabetical order using the lettered bricks.  As in our Lego Math post, the great thing about this article is the inclusion of the lettered printouts used to create the bricks.

Amy’s article is great, but there is an even more obvious use for LEGO in Language Arts that I can think of.   You can easily use this method to teach rhyming words and prefixes and suffixes. For example, you can give your students a set of lettered bricks with  ‘A’ and ‘T’ bricks connected, creating a ‘AT’ section.  Next, the students need to add as many letters to the front of the connection to create rhyming words, such as cat, bat, mat and pat.  For older students you can give them prefix and suffix bricks and tell them to see what happens when they attach the bricks to other words.  Do the words make sense? What are some similar words?  For example, an “S’ blocks can easily be added to most words to show plural forms, but how about adding prefixes ‘DIS’ or “PRE’ and suffixes ‘ING’ or ‘LY’ to words… which bricks properly connect to the already formed words?

Of course there are MANY was to go about using LEGO bricks in your Language lessons.  Buy the bricks and let your creativity run wild!

Remember to check our Teaching Math with Lego post!




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