Back to School Sale at Wal-Mart and Staples

Regardless of what you may think of purchasing classroom supplies for your class with your own money this is a GREAT deal.

  • 150 sheets of lined paper – 10c
  • 4 pack of 32 page exercise books – 20c
  • 80 page coiled notebooks – 5c
  • duotangs – 5c
  • 10 pencils – 10c
  • 24 pencil crayons with sharpener – 94c

MAX 10 of each item per person 
* If the store is not busy, and you ask nicely, you may be able to do multiple bills/purchases in sets of 10.    Also, my local Walmart did not have a limit on paper.

There may be more deals, but these are the ones I have used the most.

I got all of this for $15:

  • 4500 sheets of lined paper
  • 120 exercise books (32 pages)
  • 30 coiled notebooks (80 pages)
  • 300 pencils

I think I have all I need as a ‘supply’ teacher. Going into a class the things I am always asked for are pencils and paper, and if i can supply a student with a pencil and 15 sheets of paper for 2 cents I don’t mind it.


Mr. S

* I’ve been gone, but I will be back with a lot of posts in the coming weeks. Keep checking back for more posts.


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