The Whistle Game (Phys. Ed.)


If you are in a Gym Class, or need to do some DPA, the chances are that you have a whistle… which is all you need for this fun and exciting game.

Tell your students to line up on one side of the gym (if you are playing this outside you need to establish a squared off area with four ‘walls’ or boundaries). Explain the simple rules for The Whistle Game and have some fun.


  • Students wait against the wall for the whistle
  • Students must have one hand or foot against the wall
  • Students must run to the wall that the teacher points at ONLY when the whistle is blown
  • If the teacher points to a wall WITHOUT blowing the whistle students must ignore the instruction
  • Teachers can use multiple whistles (whistle multiple times during one run) to make the students run in multiple directions during one turn
  • After all the students are against the correct wall (the last one that the teacher pointed to WITH a whistle blow) the turn is over
  • The last student(s) to get to the correct wall are eliminated and the game continues until there is one student left


  • Depending on class size you can change the number of students that are out after each turn to make the games quicker and increase student participation
  • Students DO NOT need to be eliminated
  • Younger students can be asked to play the game as different animals or characters for each turn
  • Older students can have two additional directions added (Up and Down, where the students have to be flat on the floor facing the direction the teacher is pointing)
  • If you do not have a whistle, or students cannot hear the whistle, you can use a different method to distinguish the instructions (pointing with one finger saying ‘GO!’)

I have played this game a lot with every grade from K to 8 and the students always love it.  It is a great warm up or quick way to get a lot of running in a short time, perfect for DPA.  The Whistle Game also helps to improve the listening skills of younger students, and show them how important it is to always pay attention, because they are always listening for the whistle and never want to be tricked by an instruction that comes without the whistle.

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*Credit for this, and other games, goes to my dad, who taught them to me a long time ago.



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