This is why I Teach!

I have been working at an afterschool program and summer camp since I was in Grade 11.  The summer camp goes on some pretty amazing field trips each week, and each staff is responsible for a group of members.  During the 4th week of camp I was asked to go on a trip (not all staff go to each trip).  After I got my group assigned to me I noticed a few kids that had been late additions to the trip, so they didn’t have a group yet.  I noticed one of the kids who was a ‘trouble maker’ and ‘always caused problems’.  I called out to the staff that was making the groups and said “I want Tom” (not his real name), and when he came to me I told him he was my number one draft pick.  Right away his eyes lit up and he came running over and I gave him a high five and told him to choose a partner.

Cool, right?  I didn’t think anything of it, he needed a group and I didn’t have that many kids in mine.  Well… look what he wrote in the yearbook at the end of summer, 6 weeks later.


This was 6 weeks after the trip and this is what the Grade 2 student remembered about the whole summer camp.   I showed this to a couple other staff because I thought it was cute/funny and they said that they heard the child telling other kids that I chose him for my trip group throughout the whole summer.

Remember:   Just because we don’t think something is a big deal, or that it doesn’t matter, our students may think otherwise.

I did something that, to me, was not a big deal… and this kid will remember it for a long time to come.


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