T (ennis) – Ball Soccer (Phys. Ed. )

Your students will love this game, there is no other way to put it!

To play T-Ball Soccer you will need a few things, but it is well worth it

  • Two tennis balls
  • Two hockey goalie catching gloves, or baseball gloves
  • Two hockey nets

That is all you need for what will become the best game you have ever played with your students!

T-Ball Soccer Set-Up:

  • Place one net on each side of the gym
  • Nets are flat on the ground with the open side facing the middle of the gym (as if you were playing shinny)
  • Divide the students into teams
  • One team takes each side of the gym (if your gym is big enough this game works perfect with high numbers)
  • Each team has a goalie who uses the glove to help them stop the shots

Playing T-Ball Soccer:

  • Students position themselves on their own side of the gym
  • Each goalie starts with a ball
  • The game starts on the whistle or the ‘GO!’ prompt
  • Goalies can then pass the ball to any player (cannot throw over half)
  • Any player can use either ball to score
  • Each team must score before their opponent does
  • Regular Soccer/Football rules are followed during game play
  • When a goal is scored the balls are returned to the goalie (whistle or prompt from teacher)

This game is essentially like the soccer that students sometimes play in the school yard, but with the additional ball and use of the nets and gloves it is much more fun (and there are no other kids running through their game)!


  • You can add a ‘special’ ball (coloured or different size) occasionally to spice up the game

This game is a staple at the community center that I work at.  It is, by far, the most requested game by almost every child. T-Ball Soccer is a great way to work on fundamental soccer skills and basic dribbling techniques.  The tennis balls put emphasis on the importance of coordination and fine motor skills… but the students won’t worry about that, they’ll be have way too much fun!

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*Credit for this, and other games, goes to my dad, who taught them to me a long time ago.



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