Rhyme Bags (Language)


I made these Rhyme Bags for the younger students in the Enrichment Program I was running during the summer.  They are very easy to make and the kids love to create words using the pieces.

Making your own Rhyme Bags:

1) You can use my file (HERE) or make your own on a word processing program.  I chose these word endings and letter sounds to get a mix of easy and difficult matches.  There are also some letter sounds that don’t really match up that often, but I added them to challenge some of the students.

2) Laminate each set of pages and cut them out

3) Place each set in a ziploc bag

4) Have fun!

Rhyme Bag Game:  (PDF)

*Each student will be given their own bag, blank paper and a pencil*

  • Instruct the students to separate the pieces, one pile for word endings and one for beginning sounds
  • Students choose one of the words to start with
  • Students use the word ending with the provided letter sounds to create rhyming words
  • Each word should be sounded out and written on paper
  • Students create as many rhyming words as they can before moving on to the next words
  • Students can compare their words with friends to make sure they didn’t miss any
  • Students can even draw pictures next to the words

Here is how it looks in action…

IMG_20140805_095205 IMG_20140805_095322 IMG_20140805_095231


You can also get the students to draw a picture with as many objects as they can think of for each set of rhyming words.  This one was done by a students that I tutor on the amazing Boogie Board Sync 9.7


I found that these simple Rhyme Bags were a fantastic way for the students to practice their letter sounds.  Even after doing the activity for just over an hour they asked to do it each of the following weeks.  Feel free to use the template and instructions and test these out in your own classroom.  Let us know how it goes!


THIS IS ALSO GREAT FOR OTs because you can carry a set of these in your bag and take them out for a super easy activity that can last a whole period!
*You can make the design of each piece as creative as you want, I was just pressed for time so I made them plain.





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