Audiobook Humble Bundle!


I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Humble Bundle, a website that has various video game, e-book and comic book bundles at greatly discounted prices, but they have a CRAZY deal going right now.  For about $7 (the average price at the time of writing) you can get everything you see below, minus Mockingjay… but with each of the Hunger Games Audiobooks going for at least $20 this is a steal.  If you are planning on using an audio version of these books in your class and don’t want to worry about using an illegally uploaded version from youtube THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!



I know that a lot of kids also really like the Infinity Ring and 39 Clues series, and who doesn’t like Goosebumps?  If you pay the full $15 be assured that there WILL be many more books coming.  Usually Humble Bundles add at least 2 or 3 items throughout the course of the sale, but can go as high as 5 or more sometimes.  I have bought a couple of Humble Bundles in the past, and got amazing deals like this while also donating to charity.

This is a GREAT deal for teachers who are looking for the Hunger Games books alone.  Act fast though because the average price will be going up pretty quickly if everyone pays the $15 for Mockingjay.

We will update this post as more audiobooks are added to the deal.

Mr. S


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