Using PollEverywhere!

This is only a quick look at this innovative service, feel free to take your time with it on your own!


Poll Everywhere is a great tool that I have used in the past to get students (and fellow teachers) engaged in the lesson or presentation at hand.  You can easily set up a multiple choice poll and get results as I did above.

Once the poll is set-up participants just text a passkey to the given phone number (in Canada it is 37607), after that they send another text with their answer to each poll… in this case A for agree or B for Disagree.

For this example the students worked in pairs and I made one general poll asking ‘Do you agree or disagree with the statement’ and had an agree and disagree option.  I wrote the question on top of the poll statement (in this picture it was ‘It is easier to bully people online) and I replaced the question each time.  You can easily group different polls and make it more official, but as an Occasional Teacher I only had the 15 minute recess to set this up ‘on the fly’ so it was easier to make one poll and reset it for each new question.   Students worked in pairs, so that they would discuss their opinions and come up with an answer as a pair.  Their answers were based on a ‘Protect Yourself’ video that they watched on Learn360 and their own experiences and prior knowledge.

From start to finish this took under 15 minutes to complete, including the set-up of the projector and the poll (and recovering my password which I somehow forgot).  The students were all able to follow the simple instructions to join and participate in the poll, and did so in under 5 minutes.  This was the first time these students had ever used a service like this, which shows just how easy it is to set-up and run.

* Although these multiple choice polls are a great feature PollEverywhere also offers the ability to have participants send in texts as their answers, so you can create virtual webs and brainstorms (you can see this around the 1:20 mark in the video above).

Another great feature of PollEverywhere is that you can see which students give which answers, but none of the other participants have access to this information.  There are a lot of ‘teacher’ tools that go with the service, but they require a subscription to access.

Take a look at this great tool and let us know how it helps engage your class!


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