New Evernote Pricing!


I LOVE Evernote, and recently they have restructured their services to allow some very important features at a more affordable price.  Take a look at the new pricing options below.


With the new Evernote Plus you now get 1GB of uploads, offline notes, password protection for the Evernote app and the ability to create notes directly from your email inbox… for just $3 a month or $29 a year!  This is VERY important for teachers who would like to use Evernote to assist in their assessing and general classroom notes.  Taking pictures of student work and making notes in Evernote is a great way to keep track of student success, but with the previous upload limit of 60MB per month that means, on average, an elementary teacher would have about 2MB per student and a high-school teacher would have under 1MB per student.  The Evernote Plus option at under $30 per allows teachers to upload as much as they want (1GB is A LOT of photos and anecdotal notes), and most importantly there will now be a separate password on your Evernote app to ensure that all the student information is behind additional privacy walls!

Evernote Premium is note taking for the 21st Century.  You can search for key words or phrases in almost any note that you upload, you can annotate PDFs with study notes or editorial remarks and you can scan business cards.  And… you have UNLIMITED upload bandwidth per month.  All for only $50 a year!*  (There seems to be different prices for the annual rate as you can see in the two images above and below… but I believe it is $50 a year, going off of the PLUS annual discount)

I know a lot of people were unsure of taking the leap to Evernote Premium previously, which is why the middle ground of Evernote Plus is a great idea. Skip your Starbucks coffee for a day and you can test out some additional features of the already great Evernote for an entire month.  If you are satisfied with what you have in Evernote Plus you can stick with it, but if you want to go fully digital you can double up your investment and get (literally) infinitely more use with Evernote Premium!


If you would like to try Evernote Premium for FREE you can sign-up using this link and we will both get 3 months of Evernote Premium FREE! 

(this deal is only for the first 5 people to sign up, so make sure you do it quickly)

Here is a look at how Evernote describes each of the new pricing tiers:


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