Pac-Man (Phys. Ed)


PAC – MAN is a game that a fellow teacher taught me this summer.  Kids will love this game, and there are many ways to change it up so that it keeps the kids engaged.

A select group of students will be ghosts and the other students will take the role of Pac Man.  The kids won’t care that in the real game there is only one Pac Man… they will be having too much fun 🙂 The ghosts will try to eat/touch the Pac Man while everyone is walking only on the lines of the gym floor.


  • A Gym floor with connecting lines (like the picture above)
  • Pinnies, large balls or funny hats (to let everyone know who the ‘ghosts’ are)

Before you start:

  • Select a few students to be the ghosts (3-5 usually)
  • Provide the ghosts with something to distinguish them from other students (so there is no ‘I didn’t know he was a ghost’ complaints)

Playing Pac-Man:

  • Ghosts stand in the middle of the gym floor (just like the game!)
  • Allow the other students to move around the gym for a short period (5-10 seconds)
  • All players  must WALK only ON THE LINES of the gym floor
  • If a ghost touches a Pac Man/Student that student must sit exactly where they were touched
  • NO ONE can go OVER or AROUND a sitting Pac Man
  • As students begin to get caught some of the lines will be blocked
  • Students will need to use problem solving skills to try and escape the ghosts without getting caught in a dead-end
  • Make sure that ALL players are ALWAYS WALKING on LINES only
  • End the game when there is either one Pac Man left, or the same number of Pac Man as ghosts (these students become the new ghosts if you are playing another round)


You can make this game so much fun, and adapt it to all kinds of situations, with a few simple changes.

  • During Halloween (or anytime really) you can turn the ghosts into zombies! (you can then have the other students turn into zombies when they get touched, instead of sitting down)
  • If you have gym on Halloween day the kids can walk the lines as the characters they are dressed up as
  • If your class is learning about animals you can have the Pac Man walking as various animals would
  • The kids LOVE when the Teacher is the ghost!
  • You can ask sitting Pac Man questions based on current areas of study… if they get the question right they are back in!
  • EAT A FRUIT.  At any time let the Pac Man try to get the ghosts!

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*Credit for this game goes to Mr.P



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