Wall Ball (Phys. Ed)


Here is another game that I was shown by Mr. P.  I am going to call it Wall Ball for obvious reasons.  Students will be divided into teams just like dodgeball, but instead of trying to hit other students the goal of the game is to hit the wall before the ball bounces or is stopped by another student.  This game is A LOT of fun, and gets VERY competitive!


  • A Gym (if you have a line across the walls, like the picture above, the game will work better)
  • Dodgeballs

Before you start:

  • Divide the students into two teams
  • Place the dodgeballs in the middle of the gym (like dodgeball)

Playing Wall Ball:

  • Students must try to throw the ball against the opposite wall
  • Students should be aiming for the bottom half of the wall, so blocks are possible
  • This game works best if you have a way to divide the top of the wall from the bottom***
  • Points are only awarded if the ball touches the wall before it bounces or is blocked
  • Students are allowed to block balls any way they can (hands, feet, trying to hit them with other balls)
  • If there is a basketball net/backboard then make a rule and stick with it (if it hits the backboard it is/isn’t a point, stay consistent)
  • You can also take away points if students are not following the rules (hitting students ‘by accident’ instead of hitting the wall)


There aren’t too many changes that can be made to this game, but you can try some simple ones

  • If the kids can’t reach the wall from the middle of the gym have each team be able to go up to the next line on the floor.  So each team can go 2/3 towards the wall instead of 1/2
  • You can play it ‘like dodgeball’ and have a student from each team sit out each time the other team scores, and maybe one student can come back in for each time their own team scores
  • For JK/SK or Grade 1/2 you can add more balls and have the kids roll them. They would get a point if the ball hits the wall without being touched by another student.

Other great Gym and DPA games:


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The Whistle Game

T-Ball Soccer

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*Credit for this game goes to Mr.P



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