Math Fight (App)


We are going to start our App Reviews with a very simple app.  Math Fight lets you go head to head against another person/student to test, and improve, your math skills.

The beauty of this app is that it does what it promises, and does it very well.  You won’t find many bells or whistles here.  After the simple menu navigation you will be doing math in seconds!

Math Fights has 4 levels for Addition and Subtraction in the free version, and after paying $2.50 you can access Multiplication and Division.
IMG_0012                  IMG_0011

The game has a very simple User Interface (UI). Just read the question and tap the right answer.  You have to answer before your opponent to get the point, and the first person to 10 points wins.  You can easily have ‘best of 3’ or ‘best of 7’ matches where each person has to win a certain amount of games (each going up to 10 points).  You can also have students rotate around the room to play other students and keep score weekly with a prize for the most wins or best improved.



This is an example of a ‘Medium’ level Addition question.  The great thing about the game is that you can choose the level based on the student’s abilities, and you can also choose what types of questions you want to work with.  As you can see, in the second image, you can select one or both operations in the free version or any combination of the four operations for the paid version.  Teachers can have students working on different operations depending on their needs, or even just depending on the day of the week.  This app isn’t going to change the world, but it WILL get our students practicing math.  The options are as endless as the teachers imagination.  This is why I really like this app. It doesn’t do everything for the teacher, it is a tool that we can use in any way that we see fit. With every class, and pair of students, being very different this apps simplicity is actually its strength.


Math Fights (or Math Duel) is free for both iOS and Android devices, with a Multiplication and Division questions behind a $2.50 pay wall.  I would recommend the free version for any elementary teacher, with Grade 5+ teachers having to put in the $2.50 for Multiplication and Division if they wish.

There are obviously many more apps to use for math practice (many of which we will be reviewing in the coming weeks) but Math Fights is a great app to engage students in friendly math competition.  You might even get students explaining how they come up with the correct answers to the ones who don’t!


***Make sure you check back every day this week for all the great apps we will be reviewing.  App suggestions are always welcome!***

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