TeacherKit (App)

TeacherKit is a fantastic all-in-one administrative and organizational app for classroom teachers.  With very intuitive and fluid controls any teacher can easily create, maintain and share all of their classroom details using one paperless method!

Adding a class is very easy and intuitive thanks to the great app design. A great part of creating classes is that you can copy an entire class, or re-add students from other classes with a few simple taps.  Student notes from all classes are linked together, making tracking progress and suggesting improvements much effortless.


This is the screen that the user is greeted with once a class is created



Once you create your class you can do everything you would need to do using the various features of TeacherKit, no longer needing to carry around multiple books for each individual task.


Your entire class list can be viewed in the Roster portion of the app, where you can even re-arrange the students by various aspects such as first/last name or even according to their seating chart.  You can also use the class roster and the companion Callout app to randomly select students for tasks.  Each student also gets a ‘Student Card’ with all of their personal and parent information, including phone numbers and email addresses.



Using the Attendance feature is as easy as tapping on the students badge until the desired status is assigned.  The default for this feature is one tap for ‘absent’ and two for ‘present’ but you can add ‘late’ or any other status through the settings menu (you can even change ‘present’ to the default single tap option, saving you the extra tap per student).


Teachers can also keep track of student behaviour using the Behavior feature.  By tapping once on a student’s badge you bring up the ‘Behavior List’ and options for green/red actions. You can choose from the default behaviours or add your own through the settings option.IMG_0017 IMG_0018

With all of the basic tasks taken care of for your students it is time to help get yourself organized, and TeacherKit can help you there as well.  You can easily add your lessons for each class into the Timetable feature of the app.  The timetable will colour coordinate all of your classes so you can have one easy to look at timetable with all of your lessons, classes and meetings in their right places.


Once the lessons are planned and delivered you can use the Gradebook feature to add, edit and calculate marks for students with just a few taps. If you put all of the assignment information in to the Gradebook  it will record each mark and even do all of the calculations to determine the students current overall mark. You can always go into each mark to change it if necessary, and the total mark is adjusted accordingly.


Finally, one of the most interesting features of the app is the Reports option.  TeacherKit provides some very important stats and observations for each class based on all the data that the teacher inputs.  Reports gives you information on Attendance, Behaviour, Grades and more in an easy to look at visual summary.  My example is only based on a demo class I set up, but after a few weeks of data entry the Reports page can be a vital tool to any teacher looking to gauge the success of their lessons and teaching methods.

TeacherKit is a FANTASTIC app that can help teachers with all the maintenance and administrative tasks that come with a classroom, saving hours of valuable time. Any teacher should be able to pick up the app and dive right in to setting up their Roster, Gradebook and Timetable without issue.  The simple and fluid app design and menus paired with the amount of features that are supported in the free version of the app make TeacherKit a valuable tool for any teacher! TheNewTeachers HIGHLY recommends TeacherKit 

* We reviewed the free iOS app, but bot iOS and Android apps allow for a few more in-depth features with a subscription of $4.50/m or $46/y.  When all is said and done, we had no issues with what was offered for free in our testing.

TeacherKit iOs  |  TeacherKit Android
Student Callour iOS

***Make sure you check back every day this week for all the great apps we will be reviewing.  App suggestions are always welcome!***

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