Plickers (App)

Plickers is a fantastic assessment app that I have used many times to poll my students, for exit cards or simple surveys, or even as a MUCH more fun (and quick) way to deliver (and mark) quizzes!   Take a look at this brief video and keep scrolling for a more in-depth look at how I use it in my own classes.


That was a pretty great summary of the app, but there is a bit more that you need to know. The app itself is free but it needs Plicker Cards to work, but don’t worry because you can print up to 63 of them for FREE.  You can print them out one or two per paper.  I chose to print two per page and laminate them.  I cut each page in half and had 60 laminated Plicker Cards in under 30 minutes! *Although the website says that laminating the cards may cause glare, and prevent them from scanning, I didn’t have a problem.



When I introduced this to the Grade 8’s I gave them a simple one minute intro to the concept of the app and, as you can see, two ‘test’ questions. The green circles are the correct answer, which the teachers choose, but are not visible to the students.  As in the video the questions show up one at a time on the screen, if you choose to project them. Each question takes only about 5 seconds to scan but I give the students plenty of time for a ‘final answer’ before I actually move on.  The app also lets both you and the students know who has not answered the questions so that you can prompt them to do so.


Quiz Reports can easily be shown to the students, even during the question. You can use this style of report to make sure the students know which questions to look over and spend more time on in the future. This view is more of an overview for the students, but  Plickers has great data for teachers too!

Detailed Question Reports


If there is a question that a lot of students got wrong, or a really simple one that should have been all correct, you can just click on the question and get all the info you need. You can see each student’s answer (names have been blurred), with green being correct and red being incorrect.





Click for full image

This is the most recent feature of Plickers, and one I was desperately waiting for.  You can choose a time period, or a certain set of questions, and see ALL the answers from ALL the students in one image.  You can use this view to show individual students how they did across multiple questions, or even to show parents how their students are performing.


You can also use the Scoresheet to help yourself to make sure the questions you are giving the students are not too difficult, or to see if there are certain topics that need to be explored again. For example, a lot of the students got Question 11 wrong.


After going into the question report I can see a better representation of the answers to JUST that question (you can also see each student’s answers to the question, as shown above, but I left that part out).  I can see that those students that chose James Douglas may have done so because he was a governor of Vancouver Island, but he wasn’t the FIRST one.  I can fix this for future questions by maybe highlighting FIRST in the question, or if the students were really lucky you could just make the other options less tricky… like Justin Bieber (which all the kids knew was spelled wrong in the actual answer choice, too bad they didn’t read the QUESTION as carefully).

All in all, Plickers is a fantastic app to use for assessments. It took the ‘another quiz’ frowns to ‘is it time for a quiz?’ cheers after every lesson.  For all those teachers that love using scantron, or hate marking multiple choice questions, Plickers is the way to go!  I have introduced Plickers to multiple classrooms and within minutes we have quizzes or exit cards finished and marked, and always on file.

If you’re looking for something interesting to add to your classroom you should DEFINITELY give Plickers a shot!



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