Back to School!

WELCOME BACK!  The first week of school is over, and we’ve settled in… so it is time to get back to work on blog posts.  I have a few posts coming this week, with some great DPA games and a few cool tools for any teacher.

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If you’re new to the blog here are some MUST HAVES to tide you over until things get going again this year.

If you have any ideas for future topics just let me know!



About Us

The goal of The New Teachers Blog is to inform teachers, of all forms, about new teaching strategies, methods, resources and technologies, as well as any other valuable information we come across.

There will be many posts based on a lot of different thoughts and ideas, all of which belong to the author of the posts, and no specific educational institution.

As we begin our journey, we currently only have Ontario Certified Teachers involved in the process.  Many of the posts will apply to Teaching and Education in general, but there will be a large portion aimed at the Ontario Curriculum and/or initiatives surrounding it.

We are always open to ideas and feedback, if you have anything you want to share just email us at thenewteacherinfo@gmail.com