Plickers (App)

Plickers is a fantastic assessment app that I have used many times to poll my students, for exit cards or simple surveys, or even as a MUCH more fun (and quick) way to deliver (and mark) quizzes!   Take a look at this brief video and keep scrolling for a more in-depth look at how I use it in my own classes.



INKspire Kickstarter (Youth Forum)


We’ve got yet another great Canadian Kickstarter project for you!  INKspire is aiming to set up an online community / forum for youth to address the MANY issues we all face in today’s modern society.


New Evernote Pricing!


I LOVE Evernote, and recently they have restructured their services to allow some very important features at a more affordable price.  Take a look at the new pricing options below.



Here is the TYPED VERSION of the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 ‘Teacher Review’ going word for word from the original version written only using the Sync 9.7 itself.  

(*Statements made in this format are additions I made as I was typing out the review, things I forgot to add because I got sucked into the great writing experience on the Sync)


What is it?

The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 is an eWriter tablet with an LCD screen.  As the name suggests, you can save and sync all of the notes you create on the 9.7 inch screen to any of your various devices or even your Evernote account.

Teaching Language with LEGO :)

Our second LEGO post of the day!  See  Teaching Math with LEGO for some great ways to create engaging math lessons.


For this post we will be looking at using LEGO, or other blocks/bricks, to enhance Language Arts lessons.

Teaching Language Arts With LEGO

from Amy at Milk and Cookies.  FULL ARTICLE HERE

Like our LEGO Math post Amy is focusing on using the LEGO brings to supplement previous learning, and to create less of a learning curve for future learning.

 “Learning to spell probably ranks second, behind reading, as the most important language arts skill”



Teaching Math with LEGO :)

Everyone LOVES LEGO… everyone.  I came across this earlier today and thought I would share it.

See our second LEGO post, Teaching Language with LEGO.

Using Lego to Build Math Concepts

This is straight from, written by  Alycia Zimmerman 


Before we get into the article I also found a really cool video that shows the basic premise of the article in action.

This looks like a great way to use manipulatives to enhance your math lessons!

The great thing about Alycia’s article, as with the Teaching Language with Lego article, on the Scholastic website is that she goes much more in-depth, even including worksheets to go along with the lego bricks.  You can download all of the handouts right from the article, such as this really simple Part-Part-Total (Whole) sheet.


ARTICLE: Preparing for Setbacks and Failures


How to Prepare Your Kids to Deal Effectively With Setbacks and Failures

BY: Sumitha Bhandakar



This is another article in the series that was posted earlier about setting up a proper Mindset for our children/students.  This particular article shows us why it is important to allow our students to experience setbacks and failures.  Of course, we are not looking at instigating these experiences, but if they do happen it is important to approach them in an appropriate way.

“Your intentions are good. You want your child to learn. But at this time, what he needs is some compassion and someone who understands/supports him.”



ARTICLE: How to Praise

How to Praise Your Kids the Right Way Without Spoiling Them in the Process

BY:  Sumitha Bhandarkar



Although this article is written for parents it can easily apply to teachers.  The author focuses on her views on how to praise children without spoiling them, or turning them away from creativity.  How can we praise our students in a way that gives them the most appropriate feedback?

“The key however, is to understand what kind of praise is appropriate in which situation.”


Tech: Sesame IO


So far this week we have focused on Technology that makes it easier for teachers to remember and save their various digital files.  Today we will be discussing Sesame IO which is a fantastic Unit/Lesson Planning Software that allows a great deal of flexibility, creativity and connectivity.

It may be a little difficult to understand the concept before you see it for yourself, so we are going to start with the official introduction video. This video is a bit fast, but don’t worry, we will be breaking it down.

So there you have it, a robust online system to help you keep track of absolutely everything.  Sesame IO has the potential to become your calendar, planner, assessment binder/folder, student progress log, curriculum checklist and MUCH MORE!

Get the rest of the article below


Cyber Bullying

Today is Pink Shirt / Bullying Awareness Day, and as part of Tech Week we will be focusing on Cyber Bullying.

With more and more of our communications coming from behind a screen, instead of face to face, we need to emphasize the issue of Cyber Bullying with our students. As much as some new teachers would like to say that they have a better idea of how to deal with Cyber Bullying it isn’t always true. Very few teachers have ever experienced Cyber Bullying as students, because it didn’t exist.