Math Fight (App)


We are going to start our App Reviews with a very simple app.  Math Fight lets you go head to head against another person/student to test, and improve, your math skills.


Wall Ball (Phys. Ed)


Here is another game that I was shown by Mr. P.  I am going to call it Wall Ball for obvious reasons.  Students will be divided into teams just like dodgeball, but instead of trying to hit other students the goal of the game is to hit the wall before the ball bounces or is stopped by another student.  This game is A LOT of fun, and gets VERY competitive!


Pac-Man (Phys. Ed)


PAC – MAN is a game that a fellow teacher taught me this summer.  Kids will love this game, and there are many ways to change it up so that it keeps the kids engaged.

A select group of students will be ghosts and the other students will take the role of Pac Man.  The kids won’t care that in the real game there is only one Pac Man… they will be having too much fun 🙂 The ghosts will try to eat/touch the Pac Man while everyone is walking only on the lines of the gym floor.


Great DPA / Gym Games and more!

We have recently posted 3 GREAT DPA / Gym games aimed at making it easier for an OT to step into a gym class.  We will be posting a lot more in the coming weeks, but here are the three we have so far.

WARNING: All of these games have become extremely popular in the classes that I have played them with and students are now disappointed when we DO NOT play them.  Introduce these games at your own risk 🙂

*We also posted other activities that can be carried in an OT BAG and used when needed.  Again, these are extremely fun games… be careful!

Hopefully these posts will give you what you need to survive a hectic day, until we post more.  Throw a few decks of cards, a few rhyme bags and a whistle in your bag and you will be good to go.


Rhyme Bags (Language)


I made these Rhyme Bags for the younger students in the Enrichment Program I was running during the summer.  They are very easy to make and the kids love to create words using the pieces.

Making your own Rhyme Bags:


T (ennis) – Ball Soccer (Phys. Ed. )

Your students will love this game, there is no other way to put it!

To play T-Ball Soccer you will need a few things, but it is well worth it

  • Two tennis balls
  • Two hockey goalie catching gloves, or baseball gloves
  • Two hockey nets

That is all you need for what will become the best game you have ever played with your students!


The Number / Group Game (Phys. Ed.)

Our second Gym / DPA game is another one where all you need is a big open space (whistle is optional for this one).

* Some students like to call this The Number Game and others like The Group Game, some call it Atoms. Usually I play it with them and let them call it what they want and then go with that, it makes it more personal.

Tell your students to line up on one side of the gym (if you are playing this outside you just need to establish two boundaries that are on opposite sides of each other). Explain the simple rules for The Number / Group Game and have some fun!



The Whistle Game (Phys. Ed.)


If you are in a Gym Class, or need to do some DPA, the chances are that you have a whistle… which is all you need for this fun and exciting game.

Tell your students to line up on one side of the gym (if you are playing this outside you need to establish a squared off area with four ‘walls’ or boundaries). Explain the simple rules for The Whistle Game and have some fun.