Plickers (App)

Plickers is a fantastic assessment app that I have used many times to poll my students, for exit cards or simple surveys, or even as a MUCH more fun (and quick) way to deliver (and mark) quizzes!   Take a look at this brief video and keep scrolling for a more in-depth look at how I use it in my own classes.



INKspire Kickstarter (Youth Forum)


We’ve got yet another great Canadian Kickstarter project for you!  INKspire is aiming to set up an online community / forum for youth to address the MANY issues we all face in today’s modern society.


Math Fight (App)


We are going to start our App Reviews with a very simple app.  Math Fight lets you go head to head against another person/student to test, and improve, your math skills.


Here is the TYPED VERSION of the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 ‘Teacher Review’ going word for word from the original version written only using the Sync 9.7 itself.  

(*Statements made in this format are additions I made as I was typing out the review, things I forgot to add because I got sucked into the great writing experience on the Sync)


What is it?

The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 is an eWriter tablet with an LCD screen.  As the name suggests, you can save and sync all of the notes you create on the 9.7 inch screen to any of your various devices or even your Evernote account.

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 ‘Teacher Review’

I will be posting a typed up version, with screenshots of the apps over the weekend, I just wanted to show everyone that the Boogie Board is fantastic for taking notes, including the student rhyming journal entry.  I had some difficulty adding individual images to the wordpress post so I had to stitch them all together and make one really long .jpeg file.  If you would like to look at the individual images/screens you can find them here.  I will be adding a word count once everything is typed up. Through this whole experiment the only problem I had was with adding the images to wordpress (they skipped about 10 lines after each of the 20 images, it didnt look pretty) and of course my ugly writing!

I will also be linking to some great articles about how writing helps students remember a lot more than typing, but I will save that for the typed up version. Enjoy the Boogie Board ONLY Review below for now!


Boogie Board Sync 9.7 – Quick Review (Tech)

I put together a fairly quick video review of the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 (sorry for the hoarse voice), we will have a more in-depth review with educational uses in about a week.  The device has the potential to save a lot of paper in a classroom, while at the same time having the notes to look back on for assessment.  For $100 the Sync is a great tool for any teacher to have. Watch the video and let us know what you think.


 The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 allows you to jot down some quick notes or can also be used as your primary note taking method.  Writing on the screen is effortless and natural, and the saved notes look just as good as writing in a notebook.  You can save thousands of notes on the device and have instant access to them on your mobile devices or computer through bluetooth syncing.  


ARTICLE: Preparing for Setbacks and Failures


How to Prepare Your Kids to Deal Effectively With Setbacks and Failures

BY: Sumitha Bhandakar



This is another article in the series that was posted earlier about setting up a proper Mindset for our children/students.  This particular article shows us why it is important to allow our students to experience setbacks and failures.  Of course, we are not looking at instigating these experiences, but if they do happen it is important to approach them in an appropriate way.

“Your intentions are good. You want your child to learn. But at this time, what he needs is some compassion and someone who understands/supports him.”



ARTICLE: How to Praise

How to Praise Your Kids the Right Way Without Spoiling Them in the Process

BY:  Sumitha Bhandarkar



Although this article is written for parents it can easily apply to teachers.  The author focuses on her views on how to praise children without spoiling them, or turning them away from creativity.  How can we praise our students in a way that gives them the most appropriate feedback?

“The key however, is to understand what kind of praise is appropriate in which situation.”


Tech Week Recap

Tech Week has come and gone.  We posted a lot of great information for all New Teachers, here is a recap.

We even got re-tweeted and favourited for our posts on Sesame IO and Sesame Snap!


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Tech: Sesame Snap




If you read our review on Sesame you need to check out Sesame Snap.  Although you can use Sesame IO as a stand alone service there is a much better experience if you connect it with Sesame Snap.  Snap allows you to use your iOS or Android (or BB10 device using the Android app) to take pictures and videos or student work, you can assess the work right on the mobile device.  After the work is documented you can sync it with your Sesame IO account, and the Student Profile will be updated.  You can comment on the student work and even share it with the student’s parents within seconds.

If you are interested in Sesame IO you should definitely get the Sesame Snap app as well!