Great DPA / Gym Games and more!

We have recently posted 3 GREAT DPA / Gym games aimed at making it easier for an OT to step into a gym class.  We will be posting a lot more in the coming weeks, but here are the three we have so far.

WARNING: All of these games have become extremely popular in the classes that I have played them with and students are now disappointed when we DO NOT play them.  Introduce these games at your own risk 🙂

*We also posted other activities that can be carried in an OT BAG and used when needed.  Again, these are extremely fun games… be careful!

Hopefully these posts will give you what you need to survive a hectic day, until we post more.  Throw a few decks of cards, a few rhyme bags and a whistle in your bag and you will be good to go.



My Bag – Mr.S

I thought a cool way to start the blog would be to show everyone what I carry in my bag.  This is my ‘full’ bag and I don’t take it with me to every OT job, but if I don’t know what to expect there is a good chance this is what my bag looks like.

*Keep in mind that the vast majority of my work is with grades 7/8 and higher

The bag itself is a 16 inch Dash Messenger bag from Belkin right now it is going for $80 USD, but I got it on sale for $40!

Take a look!


It is a great bag, with LOTS of pockets and space… so lets see what we have!

Get ready…