New Evernote Pricing!


I LOVE Evernote, and recently they have restructured their services to allow some very important features at a more affordable price.  Take a look at the new pricing options below.



Wipebook 3 Kickstarter!

The newest version of Wipebook is in the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been looking at this since the first version, but i’ve actually jumped in for this model.

The wipebook3 looks really cool, check it out below… (more…)


Here is the TYPED VERSION of the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 ‘Teacher Review’ going word for word from the original version written only using the Sync 9.7 itself.  

(*Statements made in this format are additions I made as I was typing out the review, things I forgot to add because I got sucked into the great writing experience on the Sync)


What is it?

The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 is an eWriter tablet with an LCD screen.  As the name suggests, you can save and sync all of the notes you create on the 9.7 inch screen to any of your various devices or even your Evernote account.

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 ‘Teacher Review’

I will be posting a typed up version, with screenshots of the apps over the weekend, I just wanted to show everyone that the Boogie Board is fantastic for taking notes, including the student rhyming journal entry.  I had some difficulty adding individual images to the wordpress post so I had to stitch them all together and make one really long .jpeg file.  If you would like to look at the individual images/screens you can find them here.  I will be adding a word count once everything is typed up. Through this whole experiment the only problem I had was with adding the images to wordpress (they skipped about 10 lines after each of the 20 images, it didnt look pretty) and of course my ugly writing!

I will also be linking to some great articles about how writing helps students remember a lot more than typing, but I will save that for the typed up version. Enjoy the Boogie Board ONLY Review below for now!


New Teacher Must Haves


This one is for all of those Teacher Candidates doing their first practicum right now.  You are half way through!  You should be right in the middle of an amazing experience, and you may not have time to search all over the web to find some resources.  I hope this list of posts I have already made helps a bit.

ALL Ontario Curriculum Documents

Classroom / Student Behaviour

3 Great DPA/Gym activities

Language and Math activities


Essential Classroom / Teacher Tech

This is almost everything I have posted since starting the blog.  Go through the links and see if they help you out in anyway.

PLEASE, let me know if there are any areas that you want to be covered in the future, anything that would help you out.

Mr. S

Tech Week Recap

Tech Week has come and gone.  We posted a lot of great information for all New Teachers, here is a recap.

We even got re-tweeted and favourited for our posts on Sesame IO and Sesame Snap!


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Review: Evernote Moleskine Notebook

So with the Evernote Review/Introduction and Evernote Web Clipper posts there is only one more piece that you need to complete the Evernote Trifecta… the Evernote Moleskine Notebook.

If you don’t have an Evernote Account you need to sign-up for one!

I have bought a lot of these books. I am still working on filling my 1st one, but I just had to pull the trigger when I found this deal! $20 may seem like a lot for a notebook, but this one comes with 3 months of Evernote Premium for free. Evernote Premium gives you a few very key features that makes this already great service even better. You can go for a full year at $45 USD or $5 USD per month. So, the $20 high quality, hardcover, Moleskine Notebook doesn’t look that bad when you realize it comes with a $15 credit for the awesome Evernote Premium service.


*A regular Large sized Moleskine Notebook goes for $17.50 on amazon.ca , so you are essentially paying an additional $2.50 (plus tax) for $15 worth of Evernote Premium!


Tech: Evernote Web Clipper

Now that you have read or Evernote Review/Introduction you need to check out the Evernote Web Clipper.



If you don’t already have an Evernote Account you can sign-up here!

Using the Web Clipper you can save any article you find online and read it later using the Evernote app of your choice.  For example, I know you saw the Evernote Review/Introduction, but if you didn’t have time to read it you could clip it in a couple simple steps.


Tech: Evernote!




Evernote, the ‘remember everything‘ app, is one of the most incredible tools you can use in the modern world. There are many apps in the Evernote ‘trunk’ (family) but the main Evernote app is the only one you really need.

Evernote markets itself as a digital filing cabinet for your everyday life, and it is exactly that. Absolutely anything that you can think of can be saved to Evernote, and accessed at anytime. You can send an entire website, a website link, pictures, voice memos, brief notes, to-do lists and MUCH more to Evernote.

Take a look at this great introduction video: