New Teacher Must Haves


This one is for all of those Teacher Candidates doing their first practicum right now.  You are half way through!  You should be right in the middle of an amazing experience, and you may not have time to search all over the web to find some resources.  I hope this list of posts I have already made helps a bit.

ALL Ontario Curriculum Documents

Classroom / Student Behaviour

3 Great DPA/Gym activities

Language and Math activities


Essential Classroom / Teacher Tech

This is almost everything I have posted since starting the blog.  Go through the links and see if they help you out in anyway.

PLEASE, let me know if there are any areas that you want to be covered in the future, anything that would help you out.

Mr. S


Resource: Class Report

I mentioned this in the My Bag post, but something that an OT should always leave for the classroom teacher is some sort of Class Report.

There are all kinds of ways to do this. I went through dozens of examples and combined all of the best parts to make my own form.

Here is what I leave for every teacher: