Audiobook Humble Bundle!


I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Humble Bundle, a website that has various video game, e-book and comic book bundles at greatly discounted prices, but they have a CRAZY deal going right now.  For about $7 (the average price at the time of writing) you can get everything you see below, minus Mockingjay… but with each of the Hunger Games Audiobooks going for at least $20 this is a steal.  If you are planning on using an audio version of these books in your class and don’t want to worry about using an illegally uploaded version from youtube THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!



30% off at Chapters/Indigo!


This looks like a potentially great deal!  There are some books that just never go on sale, so 30% off of those will be great.  30% off of bargain books is GREAT, looks like it will also work on ‘gift’ items (only the items in that section maybe) and toys.  The fine print, not shown, does say it is not valid on electronics or their accessories though 😦

You will need your Teacher ID, I am guessing your respective ‘teacher cards’ (ie. OCT in Ontario).  You may also need photo ID to match up, so make sure you have some on you.


Scholastic Dollar Deals!


One of the most important things I have discovered as an Occasional Teacher is that your best resources are always other Teachers.  Thanks to the various Facebook groups that have been going through great discussions and ideas this summer… including this great Scholastic Deal!

Click below for more details!

Resource: Novel Study Bookmarks

Here is a simple way to help your students keep a lot of information with them at all times while reading their novels.  Print out a double-sided paper with some quick guides for them, make it just big enough to fit into the book itself. Now you have the perfect book mark, it will help the student remember their current place in the book and also everything they have read in the past.

Here is an example I used for To Kill A Mockingbird :

TKMB Bookmark