Using PollEverywhere!

This is only a quick look at this innovative service, feel free to take your time with it on your own!


Poll Everywhere is a great tool that I have used in the past to get students (and fellow teachers) engaged in the lesson or presentation at hand.  You can easily set up a multiple choice poll and get results as I did above.



New Teacher Must Haves


This one is for all of those Teacher Candidates doing their first practicum right now.  You are half way through!  You should be right in the middle of an amazing experience, and you may not have time to search all over the web to find some resources.  I hope this list of posts I have already made helps a bit.

ALL Ontario Curriculum Documents

Classroom / Student Behaviour

3 Great DPA/Gym activities

Language and Math activities


Essential Classroom / Teacher Tech

This is almost everything I have posted since starting the blog.  Go through the links and see if they help you out in anyway.

PLEASE, let me know if there are any areas that you want to be covered in the future, anything that would help you out.

Mr. S

Rhyme Bags (Language)


I made these Rhyme Bags for the younger students in the Enrichment Program I was running during the summer.  They are very easy to make and the kids love to create words using the pieces.

Making your own Rhyme Bags:


This is why I Teach!

I have been working at an afterschool program and summer camp since I was in Grade 11.  The summer camp goes on some pretty amazing field trips each week, and each staff is responsible for a group of members.  During the 4th week of camp I was asked to go on a trip (not all staff go to each trip).  After I got my group assigned to me I noticed a few kids that had been late additions to the trip, so they didn’t have a group yet.  I noticed one of the kids who was a ‘trouble maker’ and ‘always caused problems’.  I called out to the staff that was making the groups and said “I want Tom” (not his real name), and when he came to me I told him he was my number one draft pick.  Right away his eyes lit up and he came running over and I gave him a high five and told him to choose a partner.

Cool, right?  I didn’t think anything of it, he needed a group and I didn’t have that many kids in mine.  Well… look what he wrote in the yearbook at the end of summer, 6 weeks later.


Scholastic Dollar Deals!


One of the most important things I have discovered as an Occasional Teacher is that your best resources are always other Teachers.  Thanks to the various Facebook groups that have been going through great discussions and ideas this summer… including this great Scholastic Deal!

Click below for more details!

Article: What’s Eating Little Portugal?

Here is an article I read last year, but was posted today by someone on facebook.

What’s Eating Little Portugal?

Forget Africentric schools: Toronto’s Portuguese community has the highest dropout rate in the city.

JAN. 7, 2013

Although the high dropout rate among black students has grabbed headlines in recent years, prompting the creation of two Africentric schools in Toronto, it’s Portuguese who, according to a 2006 Toronto District School Board report, have the highest rate in the city: 42.5 percent. –