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Plickers (App)

Plickers is a fantastic assessment app that I have used many times to poll my students, for exit cards or simple surveys, or even as a MUCH more fun (and quick) way to deliver (and mark) quizzes!   Take a look at this brief video and keep scrolling for a more in-depth look at how I use it in my own classes.



TeacherKit (App)

TeacherKit is a fantastic all-in-one administrative and organizational app for classroom teachers.  With very intuitive and fluid controls any teacher can easily create, maintain and share all of their classroom details using one paperless method!


Using PollEverywhere!

This is only a quick look at this innovative service, feel free to take your time with it on your own!


Poll Everywhere is a great tool that I have used in the past to get students (and fellow teachers) engaged in the lesson or presentation at hand.  You can easily set up a multiple choice poll and get results as I did above.


Wipebook 3 Kickstarter!

The newest version of Wipebook is in the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been looking at this since the first version, but i’ve actually jumped in for this model.

The wipebook3 looks really cool, check it out below… (more…)

New Teacher Must Haves


This one is for all of those Teacher Candidates doing their first practicum right now.  You are half way through!  You should be right in the middle of an amazing experience, and you may not have time to search all over the web to find some resources.  I hope this list of posts I have already made helps a bit.

ALL Ontario Curriculum Documents

Classroom / Student Behaviour

3 Great DPA/Gym activities

Language and Math activities


Essential Classroom / Teacher Tech

This is almost everything I have posted since starting the blog.  Go through the links and see if they help you out in anyway.

PLEASE, let me know if there are any areas that you want to be covered in the future, anything that would help you out.

Mr. S

Back to School Sale at Wal-Mart and Staples

Regardless of what you may think of purchasing classroom supplies for your class with your own money this is a GREAT deal.

  • 150 sheets of lined paper – 10c
  • 4 pack of 32 page exercise books – 20c
  • 80 page coiled notebooks – 5c
  • duotangs – 5c
  • 10 pencils – 10c
  • 24 pencil crayons with sharpener – 94c


Tech: Evernote!




Evernote, the ‘remember everything‘ app, is one of the most incredible tools you can use in the modern world. There are many apps in the Evernote ‘trunk’ (family) but the main Evernote app is the only one you really need.

Evernote markets itself as a digital filing cabinet for your everyday life, and it is exactly that. Absolutely anything that you can think of can be saved to Evernote, and accessed at anytime. You can send an entire website, a website link, pictures, voice memos, brief notes, to-do lists and MUCH more to Evernote.

Take a look at this great introduction video: